Balut and BalutSM

Balut and BalutSM are quick dice games where you try to form certain combinations.  Scoring slightly differs between the two versions - but strategic thinking applies equally to both.

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Biorhythmia is a clean simple app that charts your personal biorhythms.

Flippyr and FlippyrPro are fiendishly difficult puzzles.   Flip the blue and red pyramids according to two simple rules.  The Pro version is exponentially more difficult - so be sure to try the Free version first.

Pumpkinz! and PumpkinzPro are simple logic puzzles.  Convert the jack-o-lanterns back into pumpkins.  Elegantly simple rules belie a satisfyingly challenging puzzle.


Flippyr and FlippyrPro

Pumpkinz! and PumpkinzPro